what does love mean to you?

Love means you give yourself away.

You package all your secrets as neatly as you can and mail them to your lover and hope he will accept them as part of you. You share your favorite foods and movies and hobbies with him because what would you be without them? You let him meet your friends and family because they are more of your history than you would ever willingly tell him with words. You give him your time and you give him your sympathy and you give him your trust. You give him hope.

As long as he gives back, it works.

When either of you falters is when love is tough. You’ve given all of yourself away at that point and you’re forced to scramble to collect all your pieces before he disappears with them forever. Some things you can only give away once and some things you wish you never gave away at all.

As long as he has something you gave him, you love him.

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