if you could say something the whole world would hear, what would you say?

Drink your milk.

When you wake up in the morning and feel too sick or sad to stomach anything, drink your milk. Chug it from the carton when you’re hung over or nearly drunk enough to be, and offer the lid to your dearest pet to lick graciously clean. Skip the water and mix it in your hot cocoa mix. Indulge.

When you can’t sleep at night, heat it for twelve seconds and stop the microwave before it beeps. Hold it in your hands and sip it, don’t shoot it. Offer some to the man you woke up when you cursed quietly after burning your tongue. Remember that he used to be a little boy, and his bones are composed of as much milky whiteness as marrow.

If you drink skim, try two percent. Dabble in soy, almond, coconut. When you study abroad, drink it early in the morning from a cow you befriended that dawn and don’t think twice when it congeals and sticks to your lips. When you’re about to fall off the wagon, think of the milkmaids and milk bottles of old, the quaintness of a fresh batch sitting at the end of one’s driveway, and the quiet awe and admiration they inspired for nature.

If you’re gonna drink – drink your milk.

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