the impossible list

Yesterday I stumbled upon the idea of the impossible list after reading Nick’s version; his alone was enough to inspire me to consider making one, but I kept finding more examples and more description of what it really means to make a list of the things in life that seem undo-able but are also simultaneously the only things worth doing. Suddenly I didn’t just want one, or think it’d be interesting. I needed my own impossible list.

Articles like this one by Joel Runyon helped me differentiate between bucket lists and impossible lists. My favorite section, and the one that pretty much made my decision for me:

A bucket list revoles around you, the impossible list is focused on others.

A bucket list is focused on making your life as great as possible. The impossible list is focused on telling as good of a story as possible. Sure that involves doing some great things to enrich your own life, but it also involves actively helping and enriching the lives of others as much as possible, in order to help them tell a good story of their own.

That is life in poetry. That is love, loving life and loving humanity. That is AWESOME.

So you can find the beginnings of my list of impossibilities at the top of this page, to be continuously changing and growing and becoming better (like my life story!!).

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