i’ll give you the sun

This is the kind of dreamy, fun, genuine story that makes your heart go pitter patter. I definitely read the first two chapters thinking critically of the writing, which is decidedly trying-very-hard-to-be artsy/indie/hipster/cute, but the exaggerated imagery and intense synesthesia slowly grow on you, and the characters are incredibly complex, broken but whole, interesting people (with maybe the exception of Oscar, although it’s even cool to see a guy, instead of a girl, relegated to the position of predictable love interest). I love how the novel plays with luck and destiny, but treats other subjects with the thoughtfulness they deserve, like family, sexuality, death, and of course love. Totally adding this one to my shelves as one to revisit later, maybe with more familiarity of the artists mentioned, and to recommend to anyone who wants a different kind of “literary” love story.

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