“…In an alternative universe I know we
could have been something – a fine invention –
an airplane or the serrated edge of
a knife. Or the way morning light italicizes
everything gold. Or something science
is yet to explain. In an alternative universe we may
have been friends with the dinosaurs. Bled
muddy stars. Been born with mermaid scales
that gleam green. But enough now. Enough of
dreaming of possibilities. It is what it is.
After you have moved out with your shirts and
toothbrush and taken your scent with you,
I relearn what it means to possess a body; grow
a backbone that can withstand an earthquake,
child birth, an arrow to the shoulder, seeing
my mother cry. I vow now to never make anyone
my entire world. I promise to never love someone
like they are a religion, or air, or anything more
than human.”

Jessica Therese, “In An Alternate Universe”

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