Read and review 1000 books on Goodreads

Reach fluency in English, Spanish, French, Italian

Get a boating license

Perfect a split and cartwheel

Earn a TESOL certification

Give a TED talk

Enter an ice skating competition

Teach a yoga or zumba class

Graduate from UGA with Honors


Self-publish a novel

Design my own home

Start a meaningful, permanent blog

Build a treehouse

Make an Etsy account to sell things

Dye my hair light pink

Complete my own Happiness Project

Write down 1,000 things I love


Photograph the Northern Lights

Study abroad in Argentina

Swim in every ocean of the world

Visit literary landmarks like Sylvia Plath’s tombstone

Travel throughout Europe for a year

Go to the moon

Attend and document cultural events: New Year’s Eve in Times Square, La Tomatina, the World Cup, Dia de los Muertos, Mardi Gras, Las Fallas, Holi

Roadtrip across America

Live in a single apartment in New York for a season

Visit the 7 Wonders of the World, old and new

Go to Disneyworld (again), Disneyland, and Disney in a foreign country

Audition for ANTM with Kait

Teach English abroad on a Fulbright scholarship

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