is everyone hanging out without me?

If you’ve ever thought that maybe you and Mindy Kaling would make the best of best friends, this book is the resounding yes to that question, and now I have another successful, funny, charming woman to add to my list of sheroes. Mindy lays her flaws all out there for everyone to see; by her own measurement, she’s talkative and vain and sometimes insecure. That’s what makes her so endearing, though, as she’s able to laugh at herself and make others laugh with her. Her warmth is evident even in these pages, and while the stories are silly and funny, they also hint at deeper, more universally human concepts. I would agree with other reviews that the first 2/3 of the book is where she is really flawless, and the last third seems random and messy in comparison, but the book is nonetheless a perfect remedy for a day gone wrong or a lighthearted supplement and reminder of why we should appreciate great days, great friends, and a great life.

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