what the most successful people do before breakfast

This is another book, in reference to Lean In, which reads more like an extended thesis than an actual self-help book, but that doesn’t discredit the effort and intentional thinking that went into its creation. The first and third sections are interesting although nothing revolutionary; in fact, Eric teased me for expecting the answer to “what do the most successful people do before breakfast?” to be anything besides “wake up super early.” The middle section, however, is the game changer: what the most successful people do on the weekend. I love the idea of making the most of our weekends, a time that can easily fluctuate between being overwhelming and being underwhelming. Vanderkam suggests keeping a list of 100 Dreams (which I instantly started) and using it as a more realistic, local, attainable form of a bucket list in order to create concrete plans for the weekend that are reliably fun while still being refreshing and revitalizing. I knew right away that this would be one of those life-changing concepts, as was the impossible list, and I’m so excited to start keeping 100 dreams for every new place I find myself, from Athens this spring to Argentina this summer to anywhere I end up over the next year!

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